Frequently Asked Questions



Beginning at 10a.m., WRMN 1410 will start taking bids on the air for our 6th Bidding 4 Bargains. This is a great time to learn more about the auction items, ask questions and yes, begin to bid! WHEN DOES IT END? B4B returns at 4p.m. Friday and end between 7p & ??


You can simple call in to the show, 847-931-1410 and place a bid LIVE* or our offices, 847-741-7700 and place a bid off the air. You will need to have a key tag on file including email and phone (preferable w/text) and active credit card.

Should you choose to remain a silent bidder, you can participate to by phoning WRMN’s office line at 847-741-7700 and providing your phone number (texting), email, address and active Credit Card. Sign up for our text club by sending the letters WRMN to the number 86677.

You can be assigned a proxy to represent your bidding interests when calling the show and alerting the host that you would like to make a silent bid for a ‘top offer’ OFF THE AIR and they will put you on hold for an operator. 

*By placing a bid, you are agreeing to the final outcome of your participation.


Why not? Well ok, you have to work, we get it. Do remember that you can listen using our smart phone App and listen anywhere in the world? If that still won’t work, you are more than welcome to place an opening bid and provide a ‘cut off’, or ‘top offer’ you are willing to commit to. **THIS IS DONE OFF THE AIR** This will create a WRMN proxy for you to follow your best interest throughout the day and you will take on the role of a silent bidder. 


Your WRMN proxy will try to send you a text to give you one chance to stay in the bargain. If you do not reply we will assume your ‘top offer’ was indeed your final and eliminate you from the bidding. This feature will NOT be active during the final 90 minutes of the bidding If you wish to jump back on board, call in and let the WRMN operator know.


Follow along throughout the day by downloading the WRMN 1410 app on your Iphoneor Android. 

Be patient, if you don’t hear your are the high bidder, we update as soon as possible after a new bid comes in. Be sure to turn on the sound on your Facebook notifications for updates.

Be sure all of your information is up to date including an active credit card. During the auction we will keep the top two bidders on file in the event that the winner does not have updated information. In the unlikely chance that bidders one and two fail to comply, the item will continue on our next Bidding for Bargains event.